Convert quotes to sales


Many companies spend a lot of time and money acquiring systems and programs to help them increase their chances of landing a sale. Sure, they may be fancy and modern - but the essence of getting through to the customer is non-technical. Converting an offer or a quote to a sale is a matter of approach, presentation and engagement.

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Do what works for you


…not what everyone else does


Stand out and get noticed


Everything is fast paced and competition is picking up. It’s easy to take short cuts in order to ‘stay in the game’. Products which are promoted as ‘tailor made’ are no longer as tailored as they seem - and the customer will notice. Instead of joining an ever growing list of ‘customizers’, offer something different. Offer engagement and information. This will make you credible and interesting! And the result? A truly tailored product - on your customer’s terms.

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the importance of integrity


Moving you fast forward


Credibility rules


Your business credibility is not just built on knowledge, but on a combination of factors. To be credible means being reliable, genuine and knowledgeable. And most important of all… You need to know where you are going - and why!

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happiness = success


Nothing beats a satisfied customer


Boost customer satisfaction


You don’t have to walk that famous extra mile. Sometimes a few steps will do the trick. Make an effort even if you have made the sale already. If your generosity is genuine, it will shine through and add to your credibility. Giving your customer something he didn’t expect, will always be remembered. Don’t skimp yourself away from a sale…

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